TIER is a real stone panelling system designed by experienced stone masons specifically to create a distinctive, natural stone finish wherever it is used.

The panels rise in interlocking ‘tiers’, fitting seamlessly together, eliminating the need for specialized labour and making TIER a quick and easy system to use.

The product is made from natural stone and is available in a variety of finishes ranging from classic to contemporary. The panels are ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

Part of what makes TIER unique is that it has been designed and developed by professional stone masons. Only the highest quality natural stones are used to produce each TIER panel. Each stone is carefully selected and dressed before use, so no two panels are the same.


As TIER®is made from Natural stone, it bears all the form and character of a dry-stone wall. The simple yet clever, “Z” formation of the TIER® Panel System allows each section to interlock seamlessly together.


Our mission is to deliver sustainable growth through the TIER® brand of innovative natural stone walling solutions.


Stone is a natural product of the Earth, the original green building material. It does not require other materials or resources to create it.


The importance of quality control throughout the natural stone production process can’t be overstated.  From selection to packaging we have in place robust procedures to ensure a high-quality, consistent product.


Every product we bring to market has been designed in-house. We develop innovative products to reduce labour intensive applications on-site ensuring a quality, authentic appearance when installed.